Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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Dr. John - City That Care Forgot (429 Records, 2008)

The good doctor is one pissed off unit. War, natural disaster, and global warming are destroying everything that he holds dear, and the government does nothing but turn a blind eye to the war profiteers making a bundle off of the bodies of the fallen. But instead of hanging his head in despair, he is fighting the good fight by putting together this excellent album filled with topical songs that shine a light on the shameful state of affairs. “Keep on Going” and “Time for a Change” set the tone for the album, with the band laying down a great foundation of swampy blues, Dr. John rippling the piano like Professor Longhair and singing strongly. He drops the hammer with “Black Gold” calling out the politicians that would throw away their decency and the lives of others for oil, and “My People Need a Second Line” which starts out as a mournful look at post Katrina New Orleans, before kicking out of the depression with a second line strut, it is a masterful performance. This is a very good album, and all the more so for the courage that Dr. John is showing in the songwriting and performing. This thoughtful and topical album is very highly recommended.

Artist of the Month: Black Kids

by Indie Rock Cafe   June 28, 2008

Black Kids is set to release a new, full-length album (albeit for Columbia Records) called Partie Traumatic on July 22.

With danceable, catchy songs reminiscent of a mix between The Cure and Arcade Fire, Jacksonville, Florida's indie outfit Black Kids have received a heavy dose of critical acclaim, blogger buzz, and the inevitable backlash over the past year.

The band, who made it on to the indie music map with the singles "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You" and "Hurricane Jane" (see link below) is now under enormous pressure with the upcoming release of their debut album, and fans and critics will be expecting more than just a hurried release containing a set of mediocre songs.

However, it is important to note that the band's 'debut' only contains three new songs. That is not something that works in the band's favor or will necessarily sell more records than an album that contains a full set of new songs.

It's always amusing, and somehow pretentious, for the naysayers of indie rock 'sensations' - as Black Kids have become - to conveniently praise a talented new band and then turn around and bash them for becoming popular, which is sort of what I'm doing here, but not really, because overall, their music speaks for itself - and does a fine job at that.

If they were pretentious and in-your-face about their indie stardom, as some musicians are, that would be a different story. So far, all indications point to an amazingly creative and exciting band with catchy sound and name.

If you are not familiar with Black Kids, you can listen to this free MP3 from Black Kids and also following some of the music links to stream their music, get more information about the band and access their playlists on various social networking sites.

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