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The Subways All or Nothing

by Richard Craig,, July 4, 2008

THE THREE YEARS between The Subways’ debut ‘Young for Eternity’ and their new release, the aptly titled ‘All or Nothing’ must have been some of the most turbulent of their young lives. Amidst heavy touring they have endured potentially career-threatening surgery and the breakdown of the relationship between Frontman Billy Lunn and his now ex-fianc√© and fellow band mate, bassist Charlotte Cooper. Though they are still young, they are undeniably mature as they have survived these problems intact. Not only that, but in spite of the problems that they have faced, or maybe because of them they have returned to record an excellent album with a strong sense of optimism. While the title of the album is certainly fitting as The Subways look very much on the verge of big things, the time of release late-June is even more appropriate. That is because ‘All or Nothing’ may very well be the soundtrack to your summer.  >>Read More

Jean Grae - Jeanius

by Anthony Springer, Jr. HIPHOP DX, July 11, 2008

THERE'S BEEN A MYTH in Hip Hop for some time now that all the female MCs have gone the way of the dinosaurs, which is to say: they don’t exist. VH1 and Ego Trip tried to crown Miss Rap Supreme earlier this year and if the show is any indication, the female MC just might be an endangered species.

Thankfully, that’s not the case, as we still have a gem of a female emcee in Jean Grae. Where most femcees get on these days by selling their sexuality, Jean is selling nothing but hot sixteens (but don’t get it twisted, Jean is kinda sexy too). After a couple of false starts and complete bootlegs, the self described “Bad Luck Lucy” re-upped with Talib Kweli’s Blacksmith imprint for the official release of her collaborative album with 9th Wonder, Jeanius.  >>Read More 

Easy Way Out

Indie Update,  July 7, 2008

IT'S A COMBINATION of funk, rock and hip-hop, with a bit of true rap thrown in – that’s what makes Easy Way Out different, if anything does. The musicianship is certainly not in question. These boys can play.

Traveling to gigs from the home base of Toronto, Ontario, Easy Way Out has been doing their special thing for a couple of years. Starting as a trio of Mauro Cecchi – guitar, Andrew Ferrari – bass and Mark Cesario – drums, the group grew with the addition of Jason Flores-Holz, who brought rock vocal style to the band, and rap master George Reefah.  >>Read More

Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves Roll With You

by John Coltelli, All About Jazz,  July 9, 2008

SURGING FROM DEEP WITHIN the heart of American music there lies a pulse—a rhythm, an explosion of sound- -called soul music. From its heyday in the 1960s it has been the sensuous energy, the incorruptible truth and the driving force behind a movement that influenced race relations, the political system, the merging of musical genres and that most American of all qualities: deeper and more personal self expression. From the shrieks of James Brown to the shouts of Wilson Pickett to the spirit filled testifyings of Aretha Franklin, soul has carried us through tough times with its conscience, invigoration and sweet inspiration. >>Read More

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