Monday, July 14, 2008

The Possible/Probable

by William Brovelli,  2008

A possible progression of visual art.

What I see as the natural progression of the fine arts is a consolidation and categorizing of creative concepts via the web. These concepts would be extracted from a vast pool of the world population and then used as project material on a large scale with input from experts in a variety of the major sciences.

This process allows the common man a creative outlet that could be realized within a collective scheme. All humans have creative thoughts or even fragments of thoughts that surface at different times and if in the right hands these thoughts could be lucrative.

There are also common ideas or even concepts that arrive collectively in waves that could be fine tuned or redirected towards a legitimate project.

When a society fosters creativity on an individual level within a vast network, a vacuum is filled and the product suffers as well as the society.

Restraint is key to the creative process.

The ultimate goal in fine art is the discovery of the new. Any art that falls short of this is self indulgent or obsessive or at best therapeutic. With this view in place, it stands to reason that a scientific approach is the ethical/logical route to pursue.

Political art is a waste of time. The views expressed in political art would always be better served straight forwardly. Political art is narrative and narrative art has a better place in literature. Political art is also time specific and is prone to become obsolete unless the content transcends current events through a universal mode, ie. Kara Walker, Goya, Dostyevsky, Goddard, etc. but this is rare and still more often than not, the content of the work that is of worth is not the specific political viewpoint.  ( Some would argue this point.)

The proposal is to position a site where any individual at any time can deposit creative information, this information would be collected and stored in a data base as material to be sorted into categories and consolidated.

The essence of the creative information would be made accessible to a select panel of qualified representatives of the major sciences for review.

At this point, an aesthetic project could be set into place based on information compiled and then could be split into branch projects and handed off to workers/artists for refinement.

The showcasing of these grand scale projects could be held on an annual basis.

The content of these artworks/projects would be substantial and current and thus beneficial to society as well as the individual.

Participants that submitted ideas/concepts that are used as core material or even substantial supporting material could be included in the production process of the work(s).

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