Sunday, March 1, 2009

Festival of the Arts Boca Raton


Despite what politicians of all parties and powers say, it’s art and literature that makes the world go round. The power of words and of artistic expression cannot be denied.

Our world is indisputably influenced by the word and the performance – and that’s been true throughout history, i.e., George Washington kept on his bedside table a copy of Addison’s Cato – a five-act play about a Roman statesman and Stoic philosopher.

The power of words will be in turn be fully on display during the Festival of the Arts BOCA literature series, as five of today’s most prodigious authors explore timely topics and delve into sources of inspiration. Terrorism, globalization, polygamy and family, all of these words evoke strong images and emotions in us and all of them, in one way or another will be explored during this year’s lecture series. >>MORE

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