Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is Finally in the Air . . .

Last week I was talking about snow storms and this week, it's sunny, spring-like and no snow -- as if the 8 inches of snow last week never happened.

This week, I went a little overboard in the arts section. There's a lot of great stuff out there and I just went gung-ho and published it all: two features on 2 really unconventional artists: Native American Corwin "Corky" Clairmont and Japanese American Takeshi Yamada; and an assortment of book reviews on Louise Erdrich, Elaine Showalter and Allan Barra.

Then there is the question of Kindle -- what is it and do we really want to read books a la "Star Trek" style on computer pads; the loss of "A Different Light Bookstore" in West Hollywood, a bookstore chain that's been serving the gay and lesbian community since 1979. The closing of any independent bookstore is a blow to all communities, especially when they're not tied into the major chains that have succeeded over the years, in pushing a lot of these stores out of business. Finally, and I love doing this, that is, looking at different types of writers, like the Dubai Festival and the Mormon writers in "Faith and Good Words." Plus a few things to make you smile.

Let's hope Spring is not here for an awkward visit and is here for good!

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